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F18 Airplane Simulator 3D is the fun, exciting, new jet fighter plane attack mission based flight simulation. Take to the sky in super realistic army fighter jet airplanes. You have to take out your enemy's bases and vehicles situated on tropical islands! Use your fighter jet so you can take them out and return back to base safely accomplished. ALL 20 LEVELS UNLOCKED!

Amazing 3D Army Fighter Jet models

Select from variety of fighting jets such as F-18, FA-22, and FA-38!

20 New Diverse Fighter Jet Flying Missions, All Unlocked for Free!

F18 Airplane Simulator 3D offers 20 levels to play from in this flying sim, you earn in-game money to earn faster, better fighter jets so your flying experience can get even better! With all of the excitement and thrills packed into this flying simulation, you'll become the best airplane fighter pilot around with F18 Airplane Simulator 3D!

Early on in F18 Airplane Simulator 3D, missions start off easy, like basic training to fly the army fighter jets and getting used to controlling the airplanes.

As you progress through this army jet flight simulation, missions get harder, testing your fighter jet flying skills in order to complete the missions!

Once all of the levels are complete in F18 Airplane Simulator 3D, you will truly become an expert army fighter jet pilot!

Are you looking to test you flying skills and have an amazing time flying around in a realistic army fighter jet? Well then, buckle up and learn to fly army fighter jets in F18 Airplane Simulator 3D!

i6 Games
Android 2.3.4+

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